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Are you moving from one place in Queens to another? By far the largest borough, Queens covers 109 square miles of land, which means that moving from one part of the neighborhood to another will take at least 2 hours. This time is calculated with no traffic, which is impossible.

Don’t forget about the stress of packing, planning, and driving through the busy lines. Luckily, all of that can easily be avoided!

Let the professionals take care of everything. Movers in Queens are competent and qualified employees that will take care of your stressful moving day, from packing and planning to the actual moving.

Experia Moving is a company of parents, siblings, lovers, and friends, as well as well-educated and qualified professionals who love doing their job. Our goal is to deliver the best moving service available, but there`s more to this than meets the eye.

We are trying to do what is right! And by right, we mean contributing to our community, respecting our clients, and striving to make them satisfied.

Our mindset is to bring the importance of moving and the environment at the same time to the forefront. To lend a hand to overall ecological awareness, we made sure to support plastic-free products as much as we can! It is our greatest accomplishment to have the green team by our side.

Three principles guide our services:

● Providing only high-quality services

● Handling the whole moving process

● Facilitating your moving day

Together, they create local movers in Queens NY, the best ones you have ever met.

Today, with over 200 different locations successfully served, we still have the same goal as in the beginning. Make our clients’ moving day a joyful day with all their belongings untouched!

services offered

Experia moving company provides the next services for your moving needs:

● Local Residential Moves

● Long Distance Moves

● Office and Commercial Moves

● Handyman Services

● Moving Packing Materials

● Piano Moving

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Local Residential Moves

Wherever you intend to relocate in the Bronx, we've got you covered! Movers in Bronx, like Experia Moving, will handle every step of the process, from organizing and packing to shipping and moving!

Long Distance Moves

Experia Moving NYC is here to help if you plan to get outside your borough and move to a totally different part of NY. All those long-distance moving don’t have to be stressful anymore with the best long distance movers Bronx. Our professional team will transport your belongings to another side of the city swiftly and safely!

Office and Commercial Moves

Our expertise in commercial moving enables us to avoid unnecessary costs without cutting corners. It is our team's goal to handle all your commercial moving needs in a professional manner. Instead of thinking of us as just another moving company, consider us as revolutionizing the moving industry with our top-notch moving services.

Handyman Services

Our skilled moving services include professional TV installation and removal on any type of wall. Aside from that, we do TV bracket removal, mirror installation, picture hanging, shelf installation, and drywall and sheetrock repair. Despite their lighter and thinner design, modern televisions still require knowledge and effort to move, install, and assemble. From LCDs and plasmas to 4K, we know what needs to be done to get your TV back to working properly.

Moving Packing Materials

Our large box and container selection will meet your shipping and moving needs. No matter how many boxes or how big or small apartments you are moving into, you will need packing supplies. Specialty moving boxes and packing supplies are available for objects such as dishes, glasses, instruments, and much more. The fact that New Yorkers are constantly on the move is well known, but we`re at your side no matter what.

Piano Moving

Nobody wants their belongings scratched or, even worse, broken. Pianos are at the top of that list. The weight, size, and worth of this musical instrument make it an extremely serious task. Because of this, it is always difficult to safely transport a piano, whether it is being bought new or being moved from one place to another. However, with our experienced team, all your instruments will be in the same shape as they were before moving!

areas served

There are a lot of different movers in Queens NY, but Experia moving proudly serves all the
areas in the Queens borough, including:

● Northwestern Queens

● Southwestern Queens

● Central Queens

● Northeastern Queens

● Southeastern Queens

● The Rockaways

Aside from Queens, our company serves other boroughs and areas of New York as well:

● Manhattan

● Bronx

● Brooklyn

● Staten Island

● Long Island City

● Rhode Island

● New Jersey

● Connecticut

● Boston

● Pennsylvania

● Philadelphia

Experia - Queens Movers

contact information

Why Choose Us?

Do you want an obligation-free & stress-free moving day?

Do you want everything planned exactly ahead without you lifting a finger?

Do you want all your belongings to be packed professionally with no single doubt of everything scratching and breaking?

Do you want your moving day to go smoothly without getting stuck in those busy traffic lines?

Do you need special equipment you cannot find to transfer your delicate belongings?

Do you need a hand installing certain things in your own home?

If the answer is yes, contact us, and we will fulfill everything you ever dreamed about when moving!

How to hire movers in Queens?

Do you need help finding cheap movers in Queens NY, yet it’s important for you that the company is professional and qualified for handling such tasks? Contact us for the best prices and offers in the Queens area and the whole of NYC.

Company pricing is a standard flat rate according to your flat size, the stairs in your residential location, the services you need, and the distance between the locations. When it comes to the estimated process, we are offering you three options:

Direct estimate: Our company will do its best to offer you the best out of the best prices on the market. If you already have experience with other moving companies, we will provide you with more affordable offers and greater services.

In-person estimate: Meet our salesman in person at your address! This kind of estimate is the most accurate because our team members can tell you exactly how much your move will cost and what needs to be done ahead of time.

Virtual estimate: This kind of estimate is done over platforms such as Zoom and Skype. The salesman will look at your current apartment and tell you the approximate price. In this situation, ensure that all the important things are shown or told, so there will be no surprises when it comes to paying.

When we finish the estimation process that same day or the very next morning, we will send you the free estimate proposal with the inventory list to your email address. In this mail, you will get two to three different quotes for the moving services, and those can be:

Partial Packing: This kind of packing requires boxes that you will prepare, but our team members will safely transfer them to your desired location. However, all your furniture will be packed and unpacked by our team.

Full Packing: The whole packing process will be done by our movers! Your boxes will safely be transferred to your new location, and your furniture will be unpacked shortly.

Full Packing and Unpacking: You don’t have to lift a finger with this option. Our moving team will do the whole job, from packing all your belongings and transferring to unpacking all the boxes and furniture included.

Once you decide what kind of offer you want, we will be at your address in no time! A little heads up, the Experia Moving NYC company will take a $100 move deposit in case of cancellation a day before the move.

Experia - Queens

Short Step-by-step Guide on How to Prepare for Moving

Hiring professional movers in Queens New York means you have almost all the work done. Here’s what you will need to do!

Get in Contact

First, get a moving quote by giving us a call or simply writing us an email to get in touch. Call us whenever you want because our staff works around the clock! We are open 24/7, 365 a year, offering seven days a week support with real people picking up the phone between 7 am – 9.30 pm.

Tell us Your Moving Needs

Once we get in contact, tell us in detail what kind of services you need and from what point you need your belongings transferred. Once we establish that, our team will send you a few different offers with reasonable pricing.

Arrange the Dates

When the type of service is picked, and the deal is made, we can arrange the most suitable date for you!

Track Your Truck Online

You will be able to track our crew on the day of your relocation and be aware of where they are at any given moment and their precise arrival time.

Professional and Reliable Team at Your Disposal

Carefully Selected

Our team of professional movers is carefully selected. We have lovely parents, friends, and partners on our team who are highly qualified for their job and professionally educated about the services and relationships we cherish with our clients.

Respected and Valued Team

The policy of Experia Moving is to respect each member of our team. Everyone plays equal parts in the moving process, and all of them are highly valued for their job!

Trustworthy and Clean-Cut

Our staff is taught to pay close attention to detail and to treat your belongings with extreme caution. Your beloved possessions are safeguarded by us.

Discover Our Handyman Services