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Trusting Experia Moving is the perfect decision you can make about your move. Our team of highly trained, professional movers exceed industry standards and practice the safest principle.
Experia Moving can help with all your needs related to moving, including full-service moves, door-to-door moves, in-house moves (items placed where you prefer), long-distance moves and full packing and unpacking. We have the finest quality materials to ensure your belongings are protected throughout the move. Additionally, our elite moving service offers superior customer service and professional assistance to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible.
Absolutely. Experia Moving is a fully licensed and insured moving service provider. We are accredited by The Public Service Commission of New York and follow all laws and regulations. When you trust your prized possessions to us, you can rest assure that they will be safe and secure throughout the entire move.
Yes, sometimes the weather affects moving, especially if you live in an area prone to unpredictable climate. However, Experia Moving is experienced in dealing with all types of weather conditions. We provide you with the peace of mind you need for a safe and successful move. We monitor the local weather and take extra precautions when necessary, so that your items arrive safely at their destination
The ideal time to finalize a move is two weeks before your desired moving date. It gives us enough time to gather all the necessary documents, check the inventory list, and arrange for all of our services. By doing this, we can ensure that there are no delays on a moving day and that you can start settling in immediately.
At Experia Moving NYC, we strive to accommodate all our customers on time. We would like to have at least 2-3 days notice before your requested date. However, if you need something sooner, we`ll do our best to fit it in.
We are fully equipped to move items that are too small to be seen and too big to fit in your car. Capacity isn`t a problem for us, as we have large trucks, so there is no maximum weight limit. Our national movers can take care of anything from light furniture to entire office moves.
Our team of experienced professionals adheres to high safety standards, so there are certain items that they will not transport for you. Examples include hazardous materials, explosives, ammunition, firearms and weapons, illegal drugs and controlled substances. It also includes irreplaceable items of great value such as jewelry, pets, and live animals. Please get in touch with us directly if you have further questions about what we won`t transport.

Insurance and Protection

Yes, your items are always protected with our included insurance coverage. We offer a basic protection plan and comprehensive coverage options that can be customized to meet your demands.
At Experia Moving, we take great pride in providing the best protection for your belongings. We use quality packing materials to ensure your items are appropriately wrapped and secured before transport. Whenever possible, we also disassemble furniture to ensure it can fit through doors, elevators, and tight areas safely and securely. Additionally, when moving long distances, we can provide direct delivery options upon request, so your items aren`t exposed to additional risks or potential damage during transit. We assure you that your furniture and other items will arrive at their destination in one piece with Experia Moving.
Absolutely. Experia Moving NYC has widespread experience in the industry, and we have gained expertise in securely moving fragile specialty items like pianos. We take the utmost care with these items and use exquisite packing materials like bubble wrap, shrink wrap, quilted pads, piano dollies, special boards, and more to ensure that your valuables stay safe during transport.

During and After the Move

Yes, we definitely can accommodate last-minute changes or requests. We understand that unplanned things happen during the moving process. Hence, we are willing to be flexible and work with you on any additional items or last-moment changes.
We usually send out two to four movers for all moves. However, depending on your needs and the size of the move, we can increase the number of movers.
Yes, Experia Moving offers a secure and dependable emergency storage solution. It allows you to store your items in our climate-controlled units until you`re ready to resume your move.
Yes, we offer TV installation and TV bracket removal or both. Our professional movers have the expertise and tools to remove, transport, and reinstall your appliances safely. Other handyman services include mirror or shelf installation, picture hanging, drywall, leakage repair, etc. We provide you with the peace of mind you need for a safe and successful move. We monitor the local weather and take extra precautions when necessary, so that your items arrive safely at their destination
No, we currently don`t move plants due to the agricultural regulations of the state. Although we could use one of our big commercial bin boxes where they can be safely transported, but you will have to sign an release form, that you are giving us an approval to move your plants. By doing this, we can ensure that there are no delays on a moving day and that you can start settling in immediately.
Yes. Empty drawers will prevent your items from jostling around during the move, thus helping minimize damage. Additionally, less weight in the dresser means it will be lighter, allowing for a faster and safer move.
Absolutely. Experia Moving has a wide selection of boxes and packing materials for your moving needs. We provide standard-sized cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes for hanging garments, dish packs for kitchen items, and moving blankets to protect furniture from scrapes and scratches.
Yes, our experienced team of movers is more than happy to rearrange or set up furniture in any given location. All you need to do is make us aware of your requirements, and we will do our best to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

International moving

Currently we do not offer the international move services!


Experia Moving offers a range of payment modes to suit your needs. You can pay with a credit card, debit card, American Express or Visa, PayPal, bank transfer, cash and venmo.
Yes, we do require a $100 deposit which will go towards the total amount of your moving cost.
The extra charge associated with a move involving stairs is already included in the estimated price, if was mentioned prior booking the move. If the stairs were not mentioned to our sales representatives. price will need to be adjusted.
We use a combination of several factors to determine our prices. These factors include the size and weight of your items, the distance traveled, and any special services needed (e.g., packing, stairs). We also have insurance in our quote to ensure your items are safe during a move.
Yes, we do have a cancellation policy, but you have to inform us beforehand. We understand that schedules can change, so our clients have the right to cancel or reschedule their moves up to 24 hours before the scheduled move date. Cancellations after this time may be subject to a $250 fee.
Absolutely. We provide various discounts and Instagram promotions. You can follow us on Instagram at @experia_moving to get the latest promotional codes and offers.

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