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Welcome to our TV Installation services in New York City, where we specialize in elevating your viewing experience! Whether you’ve just purchased a new flat-screen TV or are looking to optimize your current setup, our experienced technicians are here to ensure a seamless installation.

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With 10+ years of expertise, we guarantee unparalleled service and customer satisfaction


Rated 5.0, we're proud to deliver excellence and earn top marks from our satisfied customers!


With 1300+ TV installations completed, we are your trusted choice for professional and reliable service!

Transform Your Entertainment Space with Our Expert TV Installation Services in NYC

Ready for a Viewing Revolution? Secure Your Wall-Mounted TV with Our Expert Installation in NYC

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Visible Wires
Sheet Rock Installation
No Concrete Installation
No Brick Installation


No Visible Wires
Sheet Rock Installation
Concrete Installation
Brick Installation

Visible Wires

The setup is straightforward with all wires remaining visible, ensuring simplicity.

No Visible Wires

Enjoy a seamless and clutter-free aesthetic with all wires expertly concealed, contributing to a cleaner and more organized space.

Sheet Rock Installation

This service is tailored for installations on sheet rock walls, providing a secure fit.

Sheet Rock Installation

Our skilled technicians specialize in secure installations on sheet rock walls, ensuring stability and precision for your TV setup.

No Concrete Installation

Installation on concrete surfaces is not available with this package.

Concrete Installation

Expanding our versatility, we offer meticulous installations on concrete surfaces, adapting to the unique requirements of each wall type.

No Brick Installation

The service does not include mounting on brick walls, maintaining a focus on sheet rock installations.

Brick Installation

Embrace the charm of brick walls with our specialized mounting services, guaranteeing a secure and tailored fit for an enhanced viewing experience.

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