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Top Rated Elite Moving Company in New York City – Experia Moving NYC.

More than 5 years of successfully moving!

We are a full service moving and storage company, and our expertise is elite moving service. We offer door-to-door moves, in-house moves (items placed where you prefer) and full packing and unpacking using quality packing materials.

Direct delivery options upon request (applies to long-distance moves only: local moves are delivered the same day by default).

Our moving products are made from the finest materials. We believe in quality, care and creating unique moving products that help our clients on moving day.

Elite moving services, affordable prices and trained experts make Experia Moving the top choice for your move.

Experia Moving - Team of workers

Moving with Experia Moving company will give you amazing results. Our friendly, professional movers are trained to handle every aspect of every move. We have the best people in the entire moving industry ready to give you a great moving experience. From the moment you call us to the moment we unpack your last pair of socks, Experia Moving is a nicer way to move.

Moving can be a stressful experience, and even a bit painful. But it doesn't have to be this way with Experia Moving. Our company works hard to make sure that your moving experience is as luxurious and pain-free as possible. We aim to keep our customers happy with the best moving service in the entire industry.

A Moving Company You Can Trust

The Experia Moving Services crew has been regarded as one of the best moving companies in the city and surrounding areas. We’re also one of the best long-distance moving companies offering affordable yet premium-quality solutions. Because of this, we’ve made a name as a trusted moving agency in the city.

How did we achieve all this?

We leveraged our years of experience and knowledge into creating a systematic moving process. We’ve distilled every part of the process to maximize efficiency, especially in a city as busy and unpredictable as New York. We also scale our services to the needs of our clients, offering consultations for a more tailored city move or out-of-state moving NYC.

What We Do

Local Residential Moves

Wherever you’re moving within New York City, we’ll be there to help. City moves can be challenging given how NYC is always busy. Fortunately, we’re one of those home moving companies with a fully equipped crew, a reliable fleet for moving transport, and tons of experience. We leverage these advantages to address NYC’s unique local moving requirements. From small moves to full residential relocations, we’ll take care of it. [Learn More]

Elite VIP Packing Experience

This residential elite move service includes packing and unpacking services, itemized inventory, and live tracking for your peace of mind and convenience.[Learn More]

Long Distance Moves

If you’re moving further than 60 miles from your current location, the relocation is considered a long distance move. This will take more than a few hours and may reach another state or another region. Thankfully, Experia Moving Services is one of the best cross-country moving companies. We’ll ensure that your personal possessions are relocated safely across vast distances. Over the years, we’ve performed many moving jobs for relocations all the way to the West Coast. Our exceptional work for these earned us great reviews from our past clients. In addition, we’re fully insured and 100% in compliance with state and federal standards. So you can be confident that you’re working with true professionals.[Learn More]

Office and Commercial Moves

When it’s time to move to a new office or establishment for your company, we’ll be there to make the relocation easy. We work with business owners, office managers, and other employees, offering comprehensive and efficient moving services to various areas in New York City and beyond.As one of top rated long distance moving companies, we can haul your possessions to another state or region. We’ll stay within your schedule and ensure that every item is accounted for and safe. That way, you can focus on starting your business  new in the new location.
[Learn More]

Piano Moving

Pianos are delicate and bulky instruments, so moving them easily and without any issues is the mark of true professional moving services. At Experia Moving Services, we treat piano moving as a serious task. We have the experience to handle packing, moving, and transporting these instruments safely. So whether you’re bringing a new piano home or moving an antique one to another location, we’ll handle it. We have tools like blankets and piano dolls that support the instrument and keep it secure. In addition, we know how to properly pack, carry, and handle the piano for moving. Moving New York: Other Services Aside from the moving options above, Experia Moving Services offers other solutions for your relocation needs.
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Handyman Services

We can work as your reliable handyman, offering simple installation services during your move. Our crew has the skills and tools needed to install items like brackets and shelves. That way, putting up a TV or mirror won’t be too much of an issue during your move. Rely on us for the following and more!TV Bracket Installation and Removal TV Installation Mirror Installation Picture Hanging Shelf Installation Drywall and Sheetrock Repair
[Discover Our Services]

Moving and Packing Material

It’s not just moving services that you need during relocation. You’ll require packing materials where you can store your items for transport. Thankfully, Experia Moving Services is more than just your average home moving company. We also carry moving and packing materials on our website. Order what you need from our selection before your move!

We offer:
Packing Paper, Moving Boxes , Moving Blanket, Packing Tape , Plastic Wrap And More!
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Storage Solutions

When you don’t have enough space for all your possessions, you’ll want to send them to a secure location. That way, they’re protected from theft and weather exposure, especially in the cold New York winter. The Experia crew will serve as your storage movers, bringing your treasured items to our facilities. We offer three options for our climate controlled storage units:

[View Our NYC Storage Solutions]

We Serve As a New York City moving out company, we serve the main NYC boroughs and nearby areas. For local moving, rely on us if you’re in:

Staten Island

For relocations outside of New York City, please contact us for availability and rates.
Contact Us for Your Moving Needs .
Experia is one of the top local and out-of-state moving companies in New York. So if you’re looking for affordable movers, we’re the team to choose! Contact us today for more information about our solutions and rates.
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Experia Moving - Moving Boxes
Our Work

Some of our most popular requests include full cleaning service, professional TV installation, repairing Sheetrock, and removing TV brackets, although we can help with almost anything.

You can even order cardboard boxes and rent moving plastic bins via our website, with our team delivering them straight to your front door. You can even buy boxes and rent plastic bins via our website, with our team delivering them straight to your front door.

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