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Moving in NY can be stressful, daunting, and an absolute mood killer. Especially if you have expensive belongings and don't know how to pack and prepare them for a safe transfer. Manhattan movers are professionals that know how to load a truck securely and protect your belongings while navigating busy cities, potholes, and other road difficulties.

Our services include:

● Long distance moves

● Local residential moves

● Office and commercial moves

● Handyman services

● Moving packing material

● Piano moving

We are open seven days a week, from 7 am to 9.30 pm, 365 days a year, with real people picking up the phone for your support!

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How to Move in Manhattan?

There are two ways of moving your belongings when changing location:

● Moving by yourself

● Hiring a Manhattan moving company

If you opt for the first version, you should thoroughly consider how to pack your things and when and how to move.

If you opt to hire a moving company, pay attention to the following things.

#1 Does a company own a license?

Avoid the trap of hiring an unauthorized mover when organizing your move. The best movers in NYC have the necessary business licenses. This indicates that a moving company has been given permission to operate in the nation and state where they have earned their accreditation. We understand that it could be tempting to hire an unlicensed company since they offer much lower prices, but you are facing the risk of having your belongings misplaced, destroyed, or even stolen.

#2 Do they know Manhattan very well?

Moving to New York City, especially to Manhattan, is complex. You'll have to deal with heavy street traffic, nearly no parking spots, and small spaces.
The most reputable Manhattan moving companies are skilled at navigating the peculiarities of an internal move. They can quickly get your belongings to your new location with minimal traffic disturbance.

They are skilled at navigating your furniture up narrow staircases and, if necessary, lifting a piece through a window. Whatever questions you have in mind, ensure to ask the company, especially if you are considering hiring them.

#3 Do they have good reviews?

The Internet is such a blessing for spreading the good word but for bad as well! Satisfied users are the best advertisements. Ensure to look up Google or Facebook to find valuable reviews from people who hired your targeted company. Look for reviews that speak specifically about experiences in the area or place you`l be moving to. Ensure the moving company has received positive feedback over a long period of time, not just in the last few days or weeks.

Pros and Cons of Moving by Yourself


Higher control and flexibility when moving – The biggest advantage of moving by yourself is that you are in complete control. You can decide the most suitable day you want to move. If there’s bad weather, you can just do it another day. You can also load the truck and arrange boxes however you want. Also, you won't have to worry about movers dumping boxes and furniture in the wrong rooms.

Saving money – Do-it-yourself moves are a good choice if you're on a budget. The costs associated with hiring a moving company can escalate quickly and exceed expectations, even if you're simply moving next door.


Requires a lot of planning - When and how will you pack, when will moving take place, how much will it cost you, and when is the best time for moving are just a few questions you need to answer. Hiring a moving company will take some planning too, but much less!

Lifting heavy boxes - Even if you have friends or family members to help you carry the boxes, it still requires a lot of energy and physical labor. Also, there is a high possibility that you could mark or scratch up the walls of the building or even break some of your belongings due to unprofessional packing and lifting.

Renting and driving a truck - Even though you chose the cheaper option, you will still need to pay for renting a truck. Also, you will need to drive and navigate through heavy traffic.

Facing unexpected problems – Things may not go according to plan, such as your things getting stuck at the entrance. It could take you hours to fix the problem without the help of professional movers and specific moving tools.

Pros and Cons of Moving with Manhattan Movers


Less planning - All you need to do is negotiate with the company when the move takes place and what items you will move. The company`s job is packing, carrying, moving, renting, and driving through the traffic.

More efficient and faster - Since the mover takes the whole control and plan, there will be much fewer jobs for you; thus, the whole process will finish much faster.

No heavy lifting or driving - Mover`s job is to pack (if you choose) and transfer the boxes to the truck and your destination; your job is just to show up at the place. No lifting, no carrying, no worries.


It’s more expensive - Hiring a Manhattan mover will cost much more money than moving on your own, but it’s worth it. We can help you find the best deals with the most professional companies.

Less flexibility - Hiring a company means ensuring that the day you want to move is suitable for both of you. This means that some compromises must be made.

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Are Movers Worth It Manhattan?

Even though they can be expensive, they are worth it because they save precious time, labor, and nerves. On the day of the move, the Manhattan movers crew can relieve you of a lot of stress and physical labor. They are professionals who easily relocate your furniture and priceless objects because they move things faster than you could.

If you are moving by yourself, many landlords will need a security deposit from you in case of building damage. If you employ movers, you must give your landlord a copy of their insurance certificate. This means that if you hire a moving company, you will have much less responsibility.

Also, moving in Manhattan with a company can be much easier since there are many of them to choose from. You can easily find small local movers but national lines as well for every moving need. Some movers handle long-distance transfers, offer storage alternatives, handle logistics, and even do the packing for you.

On the other hand, moving on your own can be cheaper. Also, you can do it on a day that is the most convenient for you instead of matching the company`s schedule.

How Much are Movers in Manhattan?

Manhattan movers usually charge between $30-$70 per hour per worker. However, the pricing range fluctuates depending on how skilled the movers are. The price will also be higher if you have many belongings that need to be packed and moved.

The top Manhattan movers demand a higher price because they can offer you complete protection and insurance. As for long-distance moving companies, you will frequently receive a fixed price. This largely depends on the size of your relocation and the type and number of your belongings.

They can charge an hourly rate starting at $200 per mover per hour and higher. Contact us to help you find the most fitting moving company at the best prices!

How Much Do You Tip a Manhattan Mover?

A decent tip for a typical long-distance and local move should be between 15 to 20% of the total moving cost. However, there is no strict rule of how much you should tip movers, and it is up to you to decide.

You can also tip each mover between $20-100 if they did a good job. There are some situations where you might need to tip more. This usually includes moving delicate and pricey items and completing the job promptly.

Movers Manhattan to Brooklyn rate

Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn often costs between $2,000 and $3,000 in total. Be aware that this is just a rough number. The exact cost will depend on the moving distance and your chosen services.

The more items you have to get packed and transferred, the higher the price will be. You will frequently receive fixed pricing for long-distance relocation based on the size of your move and the type of stuff you are moving. However, be careful! You can easily end up spending an extra $1000 bucks if you don`t know how to choose good moving services. Contact us to help you find the best moving companies at the very best prices!

Long Distance Movers Manhattan

In addition to the distance, long-distance and short-distance relocation are handled very differently. Ensure you mention the distance and ask the company whether they are making those kinds of moves.

The two are fundamentally different from one another in terms of price. Local relocation costs are often determined by the amount of work required. The additional fee is frequently determined by how much fuel the movers consume.

As for long-distance moves, they are more expensive, and the following factors determine the prices:

● The distance between the starting point and the ending point.

● The number of items being transported.

● The fuel they’ve spent.

● The items total weight.

It is important to remember that movers who move across state lines will be compensated under two different labor laws. Depending on where you go, you can experience an increase or decrease in pay because certain states may have lower/higher earnings than others.

Additionally, international movers will need to have legal documentation. They must be adequately insured and possess a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration license.

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