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10 Essential Things to Pack in the First Night Box

In this article, we present 10 Essential Things to Pack in the First Night Box to make your, you can ensure a comfortable and stress-free first night

February 15, 2023
Denis Loncaric

The first night and morning you spend at your new apartment is the most incredible feeling. It can be the best night of your life or the worse night. How? Even though all your boxes and belongings were safely transferred and put in their place, forgetting to pack a first night box can turn your experience into a disaster. Nobody wants to forget their PJs for a night, bed sheets, toiletries, or even worse, a phone charger! For that reason, we compiled a list of 10 points of essential things to pack in your first night moving box for the first time in your new apartment.

What’s a First-Night Kit Moving Box?

A first-night moving box, also known as an “unpack first” box, is the kit of essential things you need for your first night at the new place. In order to settle into the new house without having to unpack every box just to take a few things out of it, you should have all those necessary items packed in one place - in the first night box.That box can contain various things, including your clothes, toiletries, bedding, and electronics. Here’s a list of everything you need in your first night box when moving.

1. Toiletries

The toiletries are first on our list because hygiene is always in the first place. This point includes a lot of necessities because hygiene requires that. Also, it will probably take a lot of space, so ensure to have a separate first night box just for your essential toiletries. This doesn’t mean that you need to pack the whole bathroom, but the necessary things you will need for the night and morning after, including

●    Hand soap

●    Hand towel

●    Toilet paper

●    Body soap or body wash

●    Washcloth for hair

●    Washcloth for the body (per person)

●    Hair shampoo and conditioner

●    Hair dryer

●    Hairbrush

●    Toothbrush

●    Toothpaste

●    Deodorant or roll on

●    Makeup

●    Bathrobe

2. Clothing and Footwear

There's no need to unpack all of your wardrobes on a moving day. Having a few essential things in your moving first night box will make the transition much more comfortable.

●    A couple of pairs of underpants

●    A couple of pairs of socks

●    Bra

●    PJs

●    Comfortable clothes for a house, like a pair of sweatsuits

●    An outfit for the next day

●    A pair of slippers

●    A pair of shoes for the next day

3. Linen and Beddings

Another thing that we cannot forget is linen and bedding for your first night. You don’t want to sleep on a “naked mattress” with no pillows. Also, even though you will start unpacking the very next day, ensure to prepare some covers for your bed. These first-night moving kit necessities can make your house a little cozier and spare you later unpacking labor. Such things include the following:

●    Mattress cover to protect it from dirt

●    Bed linen

●    Pillows and pillowcases

●    A blanket or comforter

●    Bathmat

4. Electronics

Even though electronics might not be the essential things you will need, well maybe not your TV, they are pretty crucial. Don’t forget the next ones:

●    Your mobile

●    Your mobile charger

●    Laptop and its charger

●    Smartwatch

●    Nightlight

5. Kitchen Essentials

Your first day in your new home will also include your first meal. To be honest, most of us will just order some food or go out and treat ourselves. Nobody has the time, energy nor motivation to cook after a long day of moving. Aside from ordering, it’s always a good idea to bring some fast snacks and food that require no preparation, like tuna or chips. Whether it’s the dinner or breakfast, you will need a couple of things from the kitchen in your first night kit moving box, including

●    Paper plates

●    Disposable cutlery like wooden spoons, knives, and forks (or a couple of pairs of silverware)

●    Disposable cups or a few mugs

●    Napkins or hand towels

●    A sponge and dishwashing liquid

●    Trash bag

6. First aid kit and Medications

Let’s hope that these supplies will not be in need. However, it’s good to be cautious and have everything by hand. This is especially important if you have kids or decide to assemble the furniture independently. Aside from the usual first aid kit, include in your first night box the following:

●    Nasal drops

●    Pain reliever

●    Fever reducer like brufen, ibuprofen or syrup

●    Cough and cold medication

●    Laxatives

●    Antihistamine

●    Anti-diarrheal medication

●    Anti-nausea medicine

7. Cleaning Supplies

On your first night over, you will only need a short clean-up and take care of any necessary household repairs. The goal is to take the bare minimum of steps to ensure a tidy, comfortable, and restful night's sleep. Tomorrow, you can take on a deep clean, unpacking, and home upgrades. Here's the list of fundamental equipment and cleaning items to help you get through your first night in your new house.

●    Cleaning essentials (including all-purpose, Lysol, kitchen, bathroom, etc.)

●    Cleaning rags

●    Gloves

●    Paper towels

●    Vacuum

●    Broom

●    Mop

●    Bucket

●    Scissors

●    Toolbox (like a screwdriver, hammer, or pliers)

●    Trash bags

8. Unpacking Tools

Even though the unpacking will not happen immediately, preparing first night box when moving with tools is a good idea. This will make your unpacking and assembling experience much easier and faster.

●    The screwdriver

●    The Hammer

●    The tape gun dispenser

●    The scissors or box cutter

●    The Hex key

Luckily, the list is not long, but again, it is a short essential list of tools that will help you easily unpack your boxes and then take out all the essential things. When it comes to assembling the things like furniture, you will need your full-stack home tools.

9. Essentials for Kids and Pets

Moving with children and/or pets makes planning and getting ready for your first night in your new home more difficult. They need their necessities, but you also need to make the moving experience as stress-free as possible. Here are the necessities for your children or pets' first night to reduce any stress they may have while adjusting to their new surroundings:

●    Clothes, including socks, Pjs or sleeping bag, and underwear

●    Baby supplies (diapers, pacifier, feeding bottle, car seat)

●    Entertainment (toys, books)

●    Baby hygiene items such as soap, wet wipes, baby cream, etc.

●    Pet food

●    Food and water bowls

●    Kitty litter box

●    Leash

●    Pet toys

●    Pet bed

●    Carrier

10.The Rest of the Items

Last but not least, we included the random yet important components for a seamless move.For instance, this list contains crucial papers like birth certificates and social security cards that you wouldn't feel comfortable leaving in a moving truck. It may also be a good idea to keep a copy of your closing documents as well.

You should include in your first night moving box the following:

●    Important documents like birth certificates, passports, checkbooks, etc.

●    Credit cards

●    Cash

●    Medical papers

●    Contact lenses or glasses

●    Phone chargers

●    Flashlight

●    Batteries

●    Camping chairs

In Conclusion

Once you get all your boxes settled in and lock the doors of your new apartment, you will probably start unpacking immediately. While it is less likely that you will unpack all of those boxes, it’s important to have that night box moving kit. If you forgot to prepare such a box, you probably wouldn’t read this article. To avoid such a catastrophe, ensure to pack a first night box with all of your essential things. And if you are not sure what essentials are, just read the article.We included everything, from those toiletries and bedding to kitchen essentials, medications, unpacking tools, and kids and pets items. There is no chance of forgetting anything since we thought about all of the rooms, situations, and possibilities that might occur, as well as the needs you need to fulfill.

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