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Maximizing Space: How to Label Moving Boxes for Storage

Maximizing space during a move can be challenging, but properly labeling moving boxes can help! Learn how to label your boxes for storage with our guide

February 16, 2023
Denis Loncaric

Maximizing Space: How to Label Moving Boxes for Storage

Labeling moving boxes might sound like a piece of cake or a thing that is unnecessary when packing. Don’t neglect it. One of the worst things that may happen when your belongings finally arrive is seeing that all of the boxes are identical, and you have no idea which items are inside. Imagine that chaos, panic, and anger that we could’ve avoided in the first place by simply labeling boxes. If you organize everything ahead of time, those little mental breakdowns will not happen. When you start unpacking, you can find anything you need quickly and easily, thanks to the labels, while each box is placed right where it belongs! In this article, we will state the benefits of labeling boxes for moving, a few easy methods on how you can do it, and things you should write. This article aims to make packing and unpacking a joyous experience for you!

Benefits of Labeling Moving Boxes

1.  Easier to unpack and organize

When you put labels on boxes, you will know exactly what each box contains. Thus, when you need something, you will know where it is and what to unpack once the time comes. For instance, you don’t have to open each and every box just to find your toothbrush. Labels allow you to identify each box's location without opening it. The movers will know where to place your boxes when you arrive at your new location, and there is no chance of mixing anything up.

2.  Helps to identify fragile items

Fragile belongings are safely packed with additional protection, such as box dividers and bubble wrap. Those boxes need extra care, so don’t forget to label them as fragile. This way, your movers will pay extra attention, and you will know that your precious belongings will be safely transported. Once you need the items from that box, you can easily identify them.

3.  Improves communication between movers

When movers see the boxes are labeled, they will know precisely how to pack them inside the truck, arranging the boxes according to the rooms they belong. This way, movers can easier and quicker transport all your stuff from the truck to your new place without getting confused about what belongs where. They can make a deal and assign each mover to each room, so none get into each other's way!

4.  Helps in locating specific items quickly

Once you have all your boxes inside, there’s a big chance you won’t unpack anything immediately, even if it is the weekend. The unpacking can last a couple of days, depending on how many boxes you have and how big is your new place. When you need something urgently, you can identify it easily by checking the box labels. This what you can always find your belongings without having a mental breakdown about opening everything up!

Methods of Labeling Moving Boxes

If you are still wondering how to label moving boxes, well, here are a couple of ways how to do it! We explained the steps on how to do it and the things you should include to make your moving a piece of cake.

  1. Use a marker or pen

You will want to use those markers you cannot wipe away from the surface. We recommended the easily-noticed color markers since it’s easily noticed on the box.

  1. Write it either directly on the box or on the adhesive labels

This really depends on your preference, there’s no rule about which one is better, so it’s up to you to decide.

  1. Use color coding

Color coding means you should assign a color for boxes belonging to a specific room. Each room should have its own color; we recommend sticking with basic colors like blue, red, green, and orange. It can either be a different marker color or different colors of adhesive labels.

  1. Use different colors for different types of items

You can also determine one color for those fragile items or belongings that will not be used for the next few months, like seasonal clothing. This way, you can easily store them aside or take extra care just by seeing the color on the box.

Information to Include on Labels

1.  Box number

Here are three main reasons why you should number your boxes:

●    If a box is missing, you will immediately notice it since that number will not be present. Unless you notice a box is missing, you may not even notice it until weeks later when you start looking for an item in that particular box.

●    Keeping track of your household items is easier when you number your boxes. Numbering the boxes can be done with a spreadsheet.

●    It is simpler to retrieve your stuff if your boxes are numbered. You might still not unpack everything the first day or even the week, but if you need something, you can check your inventory, which will have the box number listed. When you have numbered boxes, you can get what you need in no time from that box without wasting time searching and opening each and every box.

2.  Room or location

Each box should have different color labels or different color markers assigned to each room. For instance:

●    Blue color for bedroom

●    Red color for kids' room

●    Green color for the bathroom

●    Orange color for the kitchen

Assign each color to the room and label it on the box so you can easily distinguish them.

3.  Description of contents

Since you will have a couple of boxes for each room, ensure that you write a short description of its content. For instance

●    Bedroom box - Linens and bed sheets

●    Bedroom box - Cover and pillows

●    Bedroom box - Decorations and other items

4.  Fragile or Handle with Care

When it comes to fragile items, you will pack them in boxes with separators and proper wraps for extra security. Ensure to label those boxes as fragile, so your movers can take extra care. Place them in a room where they will be no chance of turning them over, tripping over them, and similar. Don’t place any other box on top of those fragile ones.

Tips for Labeling Moving Boxes

Box labeling might sound like it is the easiest thing to do. It is for sure easier than packing and unpacking, but it plays a crucial part in how your unpacking experience will develop.

Aside from how to label your boxes, including different colors and numbers, here are some additional tips on how to label boxes for moving.

●    Use clear and legible writing - We know that the aesthetic of your letters is not necessary, but ensure to write it clearly so that you don’t get confused or confuse your movers when they carry your box to the room.

●    Label all sides of the box - Instead of turning the box 180 degrees, which can draw the risk of breaking something, especially if it's a fragile box, label them on all sides. You will know where that box belongs and what it contains with just a glare.

●    Label boxes as soon as they are packed - As soon as you pack one box, label it and include its content. Don’t pack all the boxes first because you will need to open each one to check what's inside and write it down. That is double work.

●    Use tape or labels that can withstand moving conditions - If you write on adhesive labels instead of directly on the box, ensure their adhesiveness is high. You don’t want to lose labels in the middle of the transportation and mix the boxes.


Labeling moving boxes will alleviate your whole packing, moving, and unpacking experience. You will know exactly where your boxes are, what they contain, and where they belong. There is no chance of forgetting, mixing, or not knowing where each and every item is. Everything is labeled with all the necessary information. Always use non-erasable markers to write on the boxes or on strong, adhesive labels. Include different colors for each room and write what each box contains in short lines. It is also good to number them because there are always a few boxes in each room. Number them and write down the items on the box. This way, you will never not know where your belongings are placed! Follow the tips and advice we provided in this little guide, and we can assure you that your moving experience will be your best day ever.

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