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Moving Supplies List - 15 The Most Necessary Things

Our must-have moving supplies list will help you keep track of everything you need to pack and transport your belongings safely. From boxes to furniture pads

January 11, 2023
Nikola Radunovic

The most important thing about moving is transferring all your precious belongings safely to the final destination. But before that comes into force, you must ensure that all your possessions are appropriately packed! That’s where the moving supply list comes to save the day!

Pack different things in various-size boxes, use bubble wrap to secure the most fragile possessions, and use wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes such as night dresses and tuxedos. If you don’t follow the list of the things you need for moving, you can easily forget, scratch, lose, or even break some of your most precious belongings.

It’s necessary to read this blog for a flawless moving experience because we provide a list of essential supplies you need! We also explained the importance of gathering your belongings and the benefits of being organized!

Importance of Gathering Supplies Before Moving

During relocation, people tend to save some money on those necessary supplies. Sadly, this often damages your furniture and belongings and even the structure of your current and/or new home.


Moving supplies

When using the wrong supplies, you can even be injured. For instance, a light box could fall apart, and something heavy could fall onto your foot. Not to mention relocating furniture or even prominent instruments such as pianos.

You could easily forget to tape down the boxes, bubble-wrap the vulnerable items, or not evendown or know how to use a tool kit for unfolding your furniture. We are not trying to scare you but rather raise your awareness of what could go wrong since we are talking about the actual move.  

That’s why having the moving supplies checklist is a must! Simple read and write down all the necessary supplies you need, and when you gather them all, start packing one by one, and no things can go wrong!

Benefits of Being Organized and Prepared

Here are the top 5 benefits of being organized and prepared for moving!

1.  It makes packing much easier

The first step to simplifying the packing process is to organize. It will be easier to pack up because you won't have to go from room to room filling boxes or finding items that should be packed together. For instance, things that should be in the garage won't be on the kitchen table. Packing up your belongings becomes much easier when everything is in its place and properly sorted.

2.  It makes the moving day less stressful

When your items are arranged, the packing will be much easier, and the moving day will go more smoothly. Spend some time organizing your possessions per room. Never combine stuff from two different rooms in the same box. Label every package you have. Include the box's contents and the room where the movers should put it in your new house.

3.  You will get rid of unnecessary belongings

You have the chance to look through all your possessions when you are preparing to move. When organizing for relocation, you need to go through every single item you possess to pack. Frequently, you will find some things that do not fit into your current or future lifestyle. Throw that away. The load will be much lighter if you eliminate the unnecessary before moving.

4.  You can set up your new home much faster

Benefits of having a list when packing essentials for moving are obvious. However, there are also significant benefits when it’s time to unpack those boxes in your new home. All the planning you made before your move will genuinely pay off once you get to your new place and begin unpacking.

You will spend less time moving boxes around to empty them since you will know exactly what each box contains and where it belongs. You can unpack and put your belongings away quickly because the clutter has already been cleared. Since all the mess is already cleared up, your unpacking experience will be a no-brainer!

5.  Being organized and prepared is good for your mental health

Moving is one of the most stressful things in life. And your capacity to focus or concentrate on what must be done can easily be hampered by excessive mess or disorganization. The brainly, organizing will help you reduce some of the stress that comes with moving because the human brain functions more effectively in an organized environment.

Moving Supplies List

If you plan on relocating, then you probably asked yourself this question, what do I need for moving?

 We got you covered! Here we provided you with a list of 15 essential things you will need for your packing supply list!


Get boxes of various sizes. Get small boxes for bulky belongings like cushions or blankets and large boxes for heavy, oversized items like books. Fragile things like dishes function best in medium boxes with box dividers.



Furthermore, you can get free moving boxes in supermarkets, recycling facilities, and office supply stores. You could even use social media to make a box request. If you choose this approach, pack carefully because secondhand boxes cannot be as good as new ones.

Packing tape

To move your boxes safely, you will need packing tape to secure them. Luckily, such items are easy to find in hardware stores and bookstores, or you already own them in your home!

Packing tape

Ensure the tape is thick enough, around 2.7 millimeters, with solid adhesive, so there’s no chance of the box opening when transporting it! Cheap tape usually has poor sticking strength and is too thin, so we recommend you keep it with well-known brands .Look out for packing tape in large rolls and use a tape gun to dispense tape quickly , or you can buy a professional moving tape from your local moving company. Usually the tape you buy from local moving company are better. This packing tape are dedicated for the movers and moving companies, buying tape from local moving company will make your move easier. Pro tip, you will be able to cut the tape with your fingers with not even using the dispense tape .

Bubble wrap or packing paper

Bubble wrap or wrap bubbles are air bubbles that will fill the empty space in your boxes and this prevent any damage to your belongings. Also, you can wrap up any fragile goods in packing paper or bubble wrap first to get another level of security for the item and then place it into the box.

Bubble wrap

Markers or labels

Markers and labels will help you separate the boxes, knowing what is in each one! You can either write with a permanent marker on your box or take sticky notes and write on them like kitchen utensils or linen for the bedroom. Ensure those markers are on hand so you can easily label anything when needed. By doing this, your unpacking will be much easier.


Furniture pads or blankets

Moving blankets and furniture pads are thick coverings used to protect heavy objects like furniture during relocation. You can use furniture padding to wrap and cover delicate or sensitive pieces of furniture to prevent damage to the item during the moving process into and out of a home. You can purchase this blankets from your local moving companies in nyc.

Moving blankets

Although you can buy furniture pads, we can also rent them at much lower prices. The cost of a dozen pads from a moving company is often between $10 and $20, comparable to a single pad. You could also use blankets as an inexpensive replacement, but they will probably move.

While these coverings don't provide much padding, they keep your belongings clean and guard against surface damage. Additionally, covers can keep your guarantee intact on pricey items like mattresses. Simply place the covers over your couch or mattress and seal them shut.

Trash bags

Trash bags are also very suitable for packing. You can use them for various purposes, like folding and placing your clothes in bags and covering things like furniture or boxes with them.

Trash bag

Such bags are usually thin and will not protect your belongings from sharp objects, but they can protect them from dirt and stains!

Zipper Freezer Bags

Zipper bags are ideal for moving ,you can do a lot of things with them.

Zipper freezer bags

Here are few tips on how you can use them. You can use them to place magnets from the kitchen refrigerator, also ideal for the small items from medicine cabinet in the bathroom, and lastly its great for for pencils or markers that you might have a lot in some of the drawers, using them keeps them in once place not all over the box.

Wardrobe boxes

Wardrobe boxes come in handy if you want to hang clothes. Large, sturdy cardboard boxes called wardrobe moving boxes include a rod for hanging clothes. Instead of folding your items, just pull the hooks out of your closet and hang them in the wardrobe moving boxes. Very convenient and easy. There are different sizes of wardrobes, for example , large size wardrobe are usually good for woman's dresses , the smaller wardrobe are good for smaller clothes like man's shirts , sweatshirts ,tuxedos .

Wardrobe box

Make sure you do not throw the empty hangers on the bottom of the box, it takes a lot of time to take them out afterwards.

A utility knife

A utility knife is a small yet sharp and handy knife that is usually retractable. It is excellent for cutting wood, cardboard, and other materials. Thus, it will help you to cut the packing tape and help you unpack all of the boxes once your things arrive at your new location

Utility knife

A tool kit

Having a tool kit when moving is a must. If you don’t already own one, you can quickly get it in the nearest hardware store. Things like a screwdriver, pliers, and a hammer will help you unfold your furniture and fold it once again when needed.

Tool kit

A box for essential items

Take one box for the necessary things such as medications, toiletries, and phone chargers. In the case of any emergency, you can quickly call the people you need!


Cleaning supplies

Vacuum, sponges, brushes, brooms, and cleaning clothes are just some of the supplies you will need for cleaning up after you pack. Once you arrive at your new place, use those supplies to clean and prepare your new living space and clean your belongings.

Cleaning supplies

Personal documents

Aside from all those supplies for moving, don’t forget the most important ones. Personal documents. Ensure that your identification card,  ,insurance papers and significant phone numbers are always right in your hand!

Personal documents

A first-aid kit

A first-aid kit can be included in the box of essential items. If anything goes unlike what you planned, and specific emergencies occur, it is always good to have a first-aid kit to save the day. Let’s hope you will not need to use it, but it’s always better to be prepared.

First aid kit

Snacks and water

In all that chaos and excitement, people forget to eat, which is understandable but unhealthy. Have a small snack like a bag of chips or a sandwich and a chocolate bar with water in your lunch bag. Prepare your bag a day before your move and place it somewhere near you so that whenever you feel hungry or exhausted, you can freshen up a little!



Getting ready to move from your current residential home or your business is challenging. It's stressful, burdensome, and takes a lot of your time and energy.

However, preparing a head can massively facilitate the whole process. Making and following the moving supply list will not only ensure you don’t forget anything but will help you organize every little thing.

From rearranging your boxes according to their size to labeling boxes, wrapping the furniture, and having your documents and lunch box in the palm of your hands! All you need to do is follow the list above, and your moving day will be a day to remember

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