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The Ultimate Guide to Disassembling Furniture: Save Time and Space

Learn how to disassemble furniture easily and safely with our step-by-step guide. Save time, space, and money by taking apart your furniture for moving.

February 15, 2023
Denis Loncaric

There would be many things to do during the moving process, especially if you decide to do a lot of work on your own. This also includes packing and unpacking your belongings, which can be work worth saving money on.

However, another way to save a couple of bucks is to disassemble furniture by yourself. Even though this might sound scary or daunting, with our thorough disassembly furniture guide, this process will be a breeze.

Do I Need to Disassemble Furniture for Movers

It depends on the service you signed up for with the moving company; if you choose to dissemble furniture as a part of your moving process, then no, the movers will do it for you.On the other hand, if you choose just moving boxes and transportation, you will need to disassemble them and pack your furniture on your own. Experia moving company will disassemble everything you need. From beds and cribs to dining tables and buffets to every piece of furniture as needed and safely transported into the moving truck. The professional moving company will be a much preferable and easier option since all you need to do is sit and enjoy your moving day. However, it is a more expensive option, so if you decide to do it on your own, here are tips on how to!

Useful Tips for Disassembling Furniture

1.  Extra pair of hands is always welcomed

We don’t recommend disassembling big and bulky items on your own. Plus, it will be much more fun, and the whole process will go much faster. Also, some risks are associated with the procedure, and several furniture disassembly steps need at least two pairs of hands to be effectively completed. Therefore, be sure to seek someone you can trust for help; this person could be a friend, family member, neighbor, or coworker. It's good to have at least one additional person, but it would be best if you could round up more people to assist you with disassembling your furniture before moving out.

2.  Don’t forget to prepare the tools

There is no detaching furniture without using the right tools. Luckily, the majority of the furniture components in your house were put together using screws, bolts, and nuts. And that is what you will need to disassemble it. Also, you will need a hammer for some furniture pieces.Overall, you need to be super careful with it because you can damage or even break your furniture. Also, it’s a good idea to look out for manuals if you still have them. With this, you cannot do wrong, and it will help you disassemble and assemble your furniture.

3.  Zip Locks are a must

Countless screws, bolts, and other furniture parts will be all over your apartment once you start detaching things. If you don't use Ziplock bags, this can become troublesome very fast since they can easily get lost. Determine each zip lock bag for each piece of furniture and ensure to write it where it belongs. This way, you will prevent any confusion or loss during the move.

Tools you Need for Disassembling Furniture

Here are the essential tools you will need for disassembling any piece of furniture:

●    Screws

●    Bolts

●    Nuts

●    Hammer

●    Screwdriver with changeable heads

●    Wrenches

●    Bolt cutters

These necessary tools will finish the job. However, if you need some additional tools, you can find them at your nearest hardware store.

Steps for Furniture Disassembling

1.  Measure everything, including furniture, doorways, and hallways

It is typically easiest to transport furniture in one piece unless it contains multiple fragile components or is too bulky. If you are 100% sure it cannot go through your doorway, you can think about disassembling it. Narrow down the furniture that you need to take apart first. Start we the ones you rarely use and leave the ones you most often use for the end.Measure all the entrances, passageways, and other exits the furniture will go through. Don't forget to measure the moving vehicle or simply call the moving company and ask for measurements. Next, take larger furniture pieces' dimensions to see if they can fit through the opening intact. Prepare to disassemble those fragile furniture items and larger items that won't fit through your entryway and exit way.

2.  Clean and empty the furniture

Before you even start disassembling, remove everything from the furniture; this includes all items and loose parts from your dining table, drawers, and even pillows from your bed. Pack those pieces separately and ensure to label the box of such items. This will help you once you start assembling your furniture again. Also, remove the lining and blankets, and take off the mattress before taking apart the bed frame. Don’t forget to remove all the excess dirt from it or wash the bedding. We don’t want to move dirty furniture into a brand-new apartment.

3.  Take off all the moving pieces

If they are not packed up or handled carefully, fragile moving pieces, such as doors or mirrors, it might break during a move. Those items can be:

●    Mirrors and glass furniture pieces - They should be carefully removed, wrapped in bubble wrap and blankets, and marked as "fragile."

●    Drawers - During transit, drawers can easily slip out and collapse, chip, or break. For simpler and safer transit, take them out and pack them separately.

●    Furniture legs - Remove the legs from sofas, dressers, tables, and other furniture as necessary. Ensure that all those pieces are securely packed in the boxes, labeled, and kept together. This step will clarify things when it's time to put everything back together.

●    Doors - To remove doors, unscrew the hinges. To prevent damage, wrap them in blankets or bubble wrap.

4.  Pack all of your belongings

Whether you disassemble furniture into individual pieces or as a whole, you should pack it carefully. Use packing supplies like furniture blankets, bubble wrap, and packing paper to reduce the possibility of dings, dents, and scratches. Once you wrap it, use duct tape to secure it as much as possible.Pack those Ziplock bags of nails, bolts, screws, and other items from each furniture piece with the furniture. Always label each bag to know where it belongs so the assembly will be much easier.

How to Disassemble Different Types of Furniture

How to disassemble couches, sofas, or loveseats

●    The first thing you want to do is remove the upholstery for the furniture, including the pillows, cushioning, arm covers, etc.

●    Next, remove the arms from your couch. Disassemble each screw from each armpiece. Once both arms have been taken off, place them somewhere they won't become misplaced or dirty until moving time comes.

●    Again, by using the screwdriver, remove the frame. Unscrew every screw that holds together the couch frame and its back support.

●    Little pieces like screws and bolts place in the plastic zip bag. The rest of the furniture wrap in the stretch wrap and moving blankets for extra security.

How to disassemble china or display cabinets

●    Remove the moving parts, such as shelves, doors, and drawers. If your cabin has glass doors, remove them first, as well as other glass parts, before removing the hutch.

●    Once you remove the doors, shelves, and drawers, remove the hardware securing the hutch.

●    After the hardware removal, almost all the hard work is done. The only thing left to do is to remove the hutch with someone.

●    Don’t forget to securely wrap all the detached parts for secure transfer with stretch wrap and blankets.

How to disassemble desks or tables

●    We will start with loosening screws. To remove each leg assembly and delicately separate the leg braces, use a screwdriver to fully back out the screws.

●    The next thing is to take off the apron. This is because, on some tables, legs are attached to the table apron which is secured to the table itself.

●    Now it’s time to unscrew the legs. Locate the bracket that is fastened to the underside of the tabletop by flipping the table over. Start removing the legs by unscrewing them from the bracket or removing the screws that were securing the bracket to the table.

How to disassemble bed

●    Firstly, strip the bed and remove all the lining, sheets, covers, and mattresses.

●    Remove the footboard and headboard by unscrewing them from the bed frame.

●    If there are rails, remove slats as well. Once you have all screws, bolts, and other smaller items, place them in a zip bag.

●    Wrap the bed and its components in stretch wrap and blankets, as well as the mattresses and cushioning.

How to disassemble dressers and wardrobes

●    You firstly want to remove all the clothes inside and clean the wardrobe.

●    Remove everything that can be taken off, such as drawers and shelves, without unscrewing it.

●    Next, prepare to remove the doors. You will do this by simply using a screwdriver and following unscrewing hinges from the side panels.

●    Unscrew the support brackets from both sides and take off the clothes rail.

●    The back of the wardrobe should be on the floor. Wardrobes and cupboards usually have dowel joints connecting the top and bottom. Remove the joint by pulling away from it and remove the side panels from the back.

How to Reassemble Furniture

The best way to reassemble any piece of furniture is by using its manual. Don’t forget to label zip bags according to the furniture it belongs. This way, you can easily identify what goes where. If you don’t own manuals anymore, ensure to take pictures or even videos of you disassembling the furniture. Once the reassembling time comes, you can follow the steps by watching the video.Don't reassemble everything right away. The moving day is already stressful as it is, so we recommend leaving it to another day. Once you feel fresh and well-rested, you will need to unwrap the furniture you are reassembling carefully. Choose the furniture you need the most the reassemble it first. Follow the instructions in your manuals or video, and your furniture will be ready in no time.

How to Take Apart Furniture that is Glued

We do not recommend disassembling your furniture by yourself if some of the pieces are glued or nailed together. Due to the extremely great danger of damage, like breaking the furniture and not being able to assemble it, some movers will decline to assist you in detaching such furniture. In that situation, it is best to move such furniture in one piece without disassembling it.

Will Movers Disassemble Furniture?

If you want to, Experia moving will do everything that comes to mind, including disassembling and assembling your furniture.

Once you request a quote, we will send you a free estimate proposal with the inventory list to your email address. Then, you will receive two to three quotes for moving services in this email, including:

●    Partial Packing: You will need to prepare boxes for this packing, but our team members will transport them safely to the desired destination. However, our crew will pack and unload every piece of furniture you own.

●    Full Packing: Our movers will do all the packing for you! Your furniture will soon be unpacked as well after your boxes have been safely transported to your new location.

●    Full Packing and Unpacking: Our moving staff will handle every aspect of the process, including packing all of your belongings, transporting them, and unpacking every box and piece of furniture.


To disassemble furniture and then assemble it once again might be the dullest thing of the whole moving process. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable, but luckily, our guide is here to assist you. We included all the necessary tools for disassembling your furniture, including beds, couches, china cabinets, and even your dining table. Securing and protecting your belongings is equally important which we also explained how to do it.If something is glued, on the other hand, we recommend not disassembling it. Also, don’t forget to measure everything before you even start detaching. It might even go through your doorways and fit in the moving truck, which will spare a whole lot of work!

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