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What Are Your Options for Long Term Climate Controlled Storage Units?

Sometimes you need a storage unit for longer than a few months. Are there options for climate controlled storage units? Absolutely. Learn here.

December 20, 2022
Nikola Radunovic

Did you know that, on average, most households in the United States own 300,000 items or more? With so many items laying around, it only makes sense that climate-controlled storage units are so popular. Many moving and storage companies offer units like these.

However, you might be wondering, "What are my options for storage near me, and what kind of climate-controlled storage units near me should I look for? " Before you start debating which moving companies with storage would be the best choice for you, you should first learn about your different storage options.

Keep reading and learn more about your options for climate control storage units near me.

Long-Term Storage

As the name suggests, long-term storage involves putting your items in a storage unit for a prolonged period of time. There are a variety of reasons why a person may choose storage for long term instead of shorter periods of time. For example, suppose that you're going to be on a trip for several months and you don't want certain items laying about your house.

In that case, you can opt for long storage rentals.

That way, your items will all be safe until you get back to retrieve them and put them back in your house. Long-term storage is also good if you are moving to a new house.

As you move all of your items from one house to another, you might find it to be a difficult task and it may take you a long time.

But if you put some of your items into a long-term storage unit, for the time being, you can focus on the most important items that you want to bring to your new house right away. Once you do that, you can either decide to keep your items in the storage unit or finally move them into your house.

You can do this with Experia Moving Storage Climate Control units where your items will stay dry and safe.

The Details

This, of course, will depend on how much space your house has. If you find that your home doesn't have a lot of space, then you can always keep your items stored in the storage unit and get them whenever you want. Many people even use long-term storage units much like garages to hold additional belongings that their homes might not have the space to house.

For example, you can put a bunch of stuff in storage like tennis rackets, soccer balls, and other things that you might use on occasion and when you do want to use them, you can take a short trip to the storage unit, retrieve those items, and then put them back whenever you're done with them. Long-term storage is also a great option to store furniture, even old or delicate furniture.

After all, climate-controlled storage units are known for being safe and reliable spaces for all sorts of items. These units have mechanisms to control the temperature, air moisture, and more. That way, no matter what you store in such a storage unit, your belongings will always be safe and protected from the outside elements.

Short-Term Storage

Long-term storage is all about storing items for months or even years at a time. Short-term storage, on the other hand, usually allows you to store your items for a few days or weeks, although you may occasionally use this type of storage for a few months as well. Short-term storage has a variety of benefits that you might not get with long-term storage.

In most cases, short-term storage is defined as storing something for 3 months or less. Some storage facilities define it as only one month or less. This is in contrast to long-term storage which involves using a storage unit for more than 3 months.

Whatever the case, short-term storage with Experia Moving Storage Climate Control units can be quite helpful for a variety of reasons. For one, it is a very convenient type of storage since you won't have to worry about it for such a long period of time. Instead, you can use it as sort of a drop-off point for certain items that you might not have space for at the moment.

For example, suppose you are renovating your house. To do this, you would need to empty your house to make it a clean slate so you can renovate it however you want. The renovation may take a month or so, so it only makes sense to put your items in a storage unit for the time being.

Once you're done renovating the area, you can bring your items in the storage unit right back without any issues. And while your items were in storage, they would have been perfectly protected against a variety of factors such as changes in temperature, rain, moisture, and so on.

What You Need to Know

This, of course, is particularly important for items that are sensitive to environmental changes. For example, some fabrics may not like excessive moisture or dryness while certain materials may shrink or expand if the temperature changes too much. This is why choosing a climate-controlled storage unit is so important.

If the climate inside the storage unit is not controlled, your belongings could withstand all sorts of damage. You might end up coming back to your storage unit only to find that your belongings are covered in mold and insects or that certain objects have been destroyed due to temperature changes.

Another good thing about short-term storage in a climate-controlled unit is that you won't have to prep the unit before putting your belongings in there. For example, many storage units in the past were not controlled and you would have to protect your items in a variety of ways. For example, you may need to wrap your belongings in bed sheets or plastic bags to keep moisture and insects at bay.

Fortunately, the modern technology of climate-controlled storage units will not require you to do this. This is because those units are already protected enough that you shouldn't have to prep the unit or provide an extra layer of protection for your items. This, of course, will save you a lot of time.

Emergency Storage

When choosing storage units near me with climate control, emergency storage might not come to mind right away. Instead, you might think of short-term storage or long-term storage. However, emergency storage is also an important option to consider even if you might not need to use it very often.

Emergency storage has quite a lot of similarities to short-term storage. In particular, most emergency storage units require that you store your items in that unit for no more than 3 months. These units are also climate-controlled, so you won't have to worry about any fluctuations of moisture or temperature ruining your belongings.

The thing about emergency storage with Experia Moving Storage Climate Control units, as the name suggests, is that it has to do with storing your items in a place at the last minute. For example, suppose that your house has a horrible leak and all of your belongings will risk getting wet and ruined if you don't get them out of the house right away. In this case, an emergency storage unit would be the perfect option.

What to Know

You can get an emergency storage unit right away and store your items there as soon as possible. This is also a good option if you are suddenly kicked out of the house or if there is some kind of health or safety hazard in your house that makes it unsuitable to live in at the moment such as a termite infestation.

Whatever the case, if you can't keep your belongings in your house and need them out as soon as possible, you can always put them in an emergency storage unit. Of course, you should always make sure that your storage unit is climate-controlled. This will ensure that your items are as safe as possible.

You also won't have to worry about any moisture or temperature changes affecting your belongings. Instead, you can rest easy as you sort out whatever emergency you're dealing with. After that, you can bring all of your belongings out of the storage unit and back to your home where they belong.

All About Climate-controlled Storage Units

Climate-controlled storage units are beneficial for a variety of reasons and there are also several types to consider.

For example, long-term storage units are great for storing things for more than 3 months. Short-term storage units, on the other hand, are great for storing things for less than 3 months.

Emergency units, as the name suggests, are great for storing things in an emergency. To learn more about storage or moving with Experia Moving Storage Climate Control units, contact us here.

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